14 expert presenters from the Pacific Northwest and across North America will converge on Seattle to offer you two full days of transformational workshops from a wide variety of disciplines.

Lui Gervais is an artist, dancer, writer, Tantric bodyworker and Sacred Intimate. He has a private intimacy coaching practice on Capitol Hill in Seattle and teaches workshops throughout the US and abroad. He is the founder of The Menbodied Institute, the producing entity for Seattle's Arouse Festival.

Menbodied Institute

Lui Gervais

Kyle McQuaid began teaching nude yoga in 2016, shortly after moving to Seattle. His current collaborations with Corey Buttry focus on creating sustainable and spiritual communities for queer people.

Kyle McQuaid

Jo Jo Bear uses many different modalities in his Somatic Coaching practice to help people explore their relationship to pleasure. Whether it be hypnosis, touch, eye gazing, tantra or just stillness, Jo Jo will find a way to make it sexy!

Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach

Jo Jo Bear

As a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, yoga instructor and dance artist, Ron has a unique understanding of body intelligence, and creativity. He has been offering retreats and workshops for men through Skyclad since 2005. He currently serves as vice president of the Somatic Sex Educators Association.

Skyclad Yoga

Ron Stewart

As a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Garland Jarmon, MSW is a healer, spiritual teacher, and somatic educator. His desire for a healthier world is the root of his work; as each individual heals, so will the planet. You can discover more of his work @ www.SpiritualEros.com.

Spiritual Eros

Garland Jarmon

Mark Fleming weaves many modalities together to create his work on Conscious Erotic Embodiment. He maintains a private practice in Seattle, WA and teaches throughout the US and Canada. He is passionate about poetry, justice and touch.

Mark Fleming

dr. liam ‘captain’ snowdon is a genderqueer-queerdo-faery-faggot-witch who lives on Lekwungen territories. They work in the anti-violence movement, write poetry and co-create The Somatic Sex Educator professional training.

Captain Snowdon

Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa is devoted to helping men connect with themselves and each other. He brings his Yogic and Tantric training into his Sacred Intimate practice, and his conscious exploration of touch includes Breath Work, Yoga, BDSM, and Erotic Massage.

Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa

Sequoia is the founder of Men In Touch and Sacred Touch Yoga. He is a longtime practitioner of tantra and a certified yoga teacher. He also offers tantric massage and life coaching to individuals in Vancouver, BC.

Men In Touch

Sequoia Thom

Ziji is a tantric masseur practicing in Vancouver, BC. He also co-facilitates Men In Touch workshops with Sequoia, incorporating elements of contact improv, Buddhist meditation, and tantric practices.

Men In Touch

Daka Ziji

Jackson Wai Chung Tse (he/she/they) is an immigrant, queer, non-binary, interdisciplinary artist, creative facilitator, and community organizer. The ocean beckons him home in Vancouver, Canada.

Jackson Tse

Percy is a counselor, teacher, community gatherer, and activist. He brings people together on topics of embodied presence, intimacy, relationships, medical health, and fun. His training in Surrogate Partner Therapy and discovery of Gay Liberation literature & queer gatherings have awakened his sense of purpose.

Percy Hawkes

Pono is a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. He is a 2019 Board Member of the Canadian Somatic Sex Educators Association. Pono practices in Victoria, B.C., where he co-facilitates Connections – a men’s erotic embodiment retreat.

Pono Stewart

Tony Krebs is an experienced facilitator, technician, strategist & longtime community organizer whose gay-positive work has included workshops, street protests, pioneering gay radio shows, queer parenting, & now: Arouse!

Tony Krebs

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