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Interested in the interplay between abundant affection yet also lusty desire that sometimes even seems aggressive in erotic play? The interplay between gentleman and badboy is best done consciously, and can be lots of fun. Come explore a woke discussion on two intimacy polarities then experience a series of embodied exercises and explorations with alternating partners and groups, in a safe consensual facilitated container. This is not an exploration of pain - which is different. Participants may disrobe to their level of comfort, though not required. How do I find the right balance between these two desires?

Aggression & Affection: Exploring Embodied Balance

Percy Hawkes

Historically in Tantra, each person has both Feminine and Masculine energies. In this playshop we will use a structure called the 3-minute game, to become aware of these energies, see where there is a lack of communication between them, and begin to bring them together. With practice, an alchemical transformation called the Inner Marriage occurs which leads to more grounding, ease, clarity, connection and joy. For those who don’t relate to the Feminine and Masculine binary, we will explore using other terms to relate to these universal energies. There will be a brief discussion of the attributes of these energies, and the rest of the time will be spent doing random, negotiated paired experiments. Folks attending can be clothed or naked and it can be as sensual or erotic as pairs choose. Come and play!

Alchemy of Desire: The Inner Marriage

Mark Fleming

People talk a lot about chakras and the subtle energy body in yoga. What is often missing is a chance to explore one’s chakras experientially. In this 2-hour workshop, we will have a brief discussion about the chakras (elements/locations/qualities), then assist each other through paired, guided explorations of our chakra system. The guided exploration will consist of time to feel and sense one's chakras, as a partner assists and provides a physical anchor, with either hands-on touch or hands just above the body. Any or all of these explorations can be done nude or clothed, and can be meditative or charging.

An Erotic Journey Through the Chakras

Mark Fleming

Start the day with some gentle movement to release blockages and to synchronize body and breath.  We will then transition to a seated posture for the duration of the class, as we explore breath exercises and visualizations to deepen our internal focus.  There will be time set aside to explore stillness.  Class will end with a method for bringing our mind back into the space around us.  Feel free to bring any comforts for extended floor sitting; foam yoga blocks will be provided otherwise. *Clothing-optional

Breathing as Meditation

Kyle McQuaid

As boys, once we figure out how good it feels to touch our cock, most of us continue to stroke it the same way for the rest of our lives. In this workshop, we explore different and creative ways to touch, hold and massage cocks - yours and others. After first feeling some self-love through self-touch, we will practice communication, consent and giving pleasure to another man through focused and attentive cock touch. Participants may opt to work solo or be paired up and guided by their partner while giving a focused cock massage.

Cock Massage

Pono Stewart

This hands-on self circle of pleasure, eros, movement and magic is an introduction to the modality. Participants will learn about the history of the practice, be guided in personal intention setting and invited into the practice creating a container that is safe enough for folks to be present. There will be a 45-minute playlist and a debriefing at the end.

Communal Mindful Erotic Practice

Captain Snowdon

This guided exploration, utilizing organic movement patterns, offers participants a unique way to discover their body, in space, in motion, and in connection with others. We start with a solo warm up, bringing awareness to individual movement choices on the ground, then stand, and move into contact and moving with others. This embodied meditation welcomes playfulness, curiosity, vulnerability, and breath, while stimulating connection, intimacy and understanding.

Contact Improvisation

Ron Stewart

Gaze into each other’s eyes, feel an energy that exists beyond words, and connect with multiple reflections of yourself. This workshop is a celebration of the Divine in other beings and in ourselves, practicing exercises designed to open our hearts and deeper relate with each other. You will be paired up with many different partners in inner and outer circles, with an invitation to fall in love with whoever is in front of you at any moment. By the end of this honouring ceremony, the hope is that you have fallen madly in love with yourself. This event is clothed and delights the senses. Come and be surprised.

Intimacy Circles: Into Me You See

Jackson Tse

Oftentimes the only narratives we have about the origins of queer energy come from either a religious-shaming or scientific/biological perspective. This ritual is a group contemplation and enactment of a queer cosmology, exploring our connection to our queer ancestors and the age-old question of “why does queerness exist?”

Queer Ancestry Ritual

Daka Ziji

Can sex be spiritual? Can spirituality be sexy? Few of us grew up imagining those possibilities. The ancient tradition of Tantra says "Yes!" Not only can the spiritual path include sexual energy, integration of erotic energy is essential. The pelvis and sexual energy are the very gateway to higher consciousness! Join us to explore the simple delights of sharing breathing and consensual touch in ways that quickly connect our erotic aliveness with the subtler aspects of our hearts and souls

Queer Tantra

Sequoia Thom

Whether your decades are many or few, we're all aging. Daddy, mentor, sage, wizard, king, guru, grand old queen, crazy old man. -- How do you grow into the rich vitality -- the embodied erotic wisdom -- that a ripening life can offer? How do we as a community support, validate, and connect with our elders...and our youth? Through personal reflection, dialogue, ritual and touch, we will explore how to age gracefully, richly, and deeply, as well as lean into the mystery of mortality. All ages welcome.

Ripening Eros: Becoming an Elder at Any Age

Tony Krebs

Experience yoga poses in a completely new way by coordinating effort, ease, and balance with another person.  Bring your own partner, or wait to be paired with someone of similar height.  Class opens with an exercise in consent to establish boundaries for exploration during the practice.  As you communicate your capabilities and limitations, coordinate body contact, and synchronize the breath with your partner, our bodies will open up and be more receptive to sensual touch.  Bring your own yoga mat and a towel.  Foam blocks will be provided. *Clothing-optional

Sensual Partner Yoga

Kyle McQuaid

Sometimes we wake with Morning Wood, sometimes without…. Come play with the chi, the kundalini, the prana, the ojos, the latent sexual energy which is the foundation of our male sexuality. Movement. Breath. Touch. Arousal. What a great way to energize your day with EROS!

Sexual Kung Fu

Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa

Rope binds. Rope contains. Rope stimulates. In this session we will play with how to surrender to the art and beauty of body bondage. Shibari is the elegant but easy Japanese technique that combines sensuality with empowerment—whether you give or receive. If you can tie your shoelaces, come on in! Don’t worry, rope and instruction will be provided.

Shibari: Sensual Japanese Bondage

Mahan-Kalpa Khalsa

This clothing optional yoga class will welcome all men into their embodied state through mindful practices exploring movement, use of breath, and sound to encourage expansion and the discovery of pleasurable sensations in the body. Ron offers adaptations and an approach to his yoga classes which make them accessible for men new to yoga or guys with more experience. This is a solo practice, there will be no partner poses.

Skyclad Yoga

Ron Stewart

How would you like to CUDDLE with more than one man at a time? Spend time gazing, feeling and holding them while you are lead through a meditation? Using a practice called “Belly2Belly Embodiment” created by David Cates I will help drop you into a blissful state. This class will allow you to cuddle and be cuddled, your partners will change but you can feel the blissful energy as you transported into a embodied adventure! We will begin with creating sacred space. Forget your expectations, just come and connect in a deeper way.

Soul Hug

Jo Jo Bear

Lead your blindfolded lover on a sensual journey through a beautiful sun-filled eden. Ease your body into and out of ever-evolving intimate living sculptures. Witness beauty emerge from every set of eyes as you flow down a river of open-hearted men. Embrace your way to embodied enlightenment by embracing man after man. This physical workshop will transform you as the creative Tantric moving meditations take you deeper and deeper into a blissful field of pleasure and connection.

Tantric Moving Meditations

Lui Gervais

Expressing desire is inherently risky. Being witnessed in our desire amplifies the vulnerability. We will create a ritual container in which to witness, explore, and share desire. The free-format experience allows for different ways of interacting with others using the power of witnessing, consent, dance and touch, in which you will create your own journey.

Temple of Desire

Daka Ziji

In this workshop we will be looking at our relationship with pleasure. How do we receive and take pleasure. We will practice embodiment exercises around consent and boundaries. We will be practicing through touch with some playful exercises that will activate how to “taking pleasure” and how to allow and receive pleasure. I will introduce the attendees to the “Wheel of consent”. We will play with limits and asking for what we need! We will also practice our relationships to needs and wants. This is an important offering for men who are seeking more information on their personal growth with satisfaction.

The Art of Pleasure

Jo Jo Bear

Imagine a screaming orgasm without the scream. When we transform our pleasure into sound, we feel it more deeply. Sound is also touch. Sound is heat. Sound is vibration. Sharing sound on an exhalation with a partner connects and reconnects us when our thoughts get in the way. Creating a soundtrack that matches our touch and desire builds erotic energy. In this workshop, we will break through the emotional barriers that keep many of us silent to explore the multi-functional erotic powers of sound.

The Erotic Power of Sound

Lui Gervais

The Three Circles workshop, sensual and erotic in nature, invites participants into a playful solo erotic experience.As the name implies, 3 circles offers 3 ways participants can engage with the communal erotic experience. 1st (outer) circle - meditation & support through being a witness, quiet, yin. 2nd circle - self pleasuring, cultivating energy, being witnessed in your eroticism. 3rd inner most circle - movement/dance, highest energy, yang. Celebrate and reclaim your solo sex in a communal setting. Discover your sensuality and erotic body in a safe setting with other like minded male-identified people.

Three Circles

Pono Stewart

Shame is often the first resistance to healing and integration. How can we find wholeness if we do not first believe we are worthy? This offering will help break open the containers of shame in our life, offer opportunities to explore our internal projections, and invite us to begin our healing through the ritual of being the compassionate, loving, and accepting witnesses of ourselves and others.

Unpacking & Healing the Resistance of Shame

Garland Jarmon

"The eyes are the windows of the soul." We-Space Meditation is a deeply soulful form of intimacy: "Into Me See" If you have experienced enough meditation to be able to be in stillness with yourself, to commune with your own soul, you may be curious to explore this eyes-open shared meditation. We'll use breathing, toning, and simple, caring touch to open to one another in trust. Then we'll explore deep gazing with several different partners chosen at random. As we gaze we'll pay attention to "the Consciousness of shared unity," where our separate "Me" melts into a genuine "We". In that "We Space" we'll describe with our partners the qualities of Consciousness that are emerging in that field we share. It's a practice of communing with the deepest part of one another, where we truly are One.

We-Space Meditation

Sequoia Thom

As humans many of us are naturally playful, strange, weird, and funny. Most of us have had to make our our weird selves small in order to survive, pass, fit in or “grow up”. This workshop will unleash and access our creativity and our eroticism thru playing in the weird. In direct resistance to the “norm”, we invite you to get weird in community! Learn about embodiment practices that access your inner weirdo, how making faces is good for emotional wellness, and how being weird can open up new avenues for creative access and body pleasures.

Weird Embodiment: a rite of passage

Captain Snowdon